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Fire Protection Loop Sectional Failure

Question asked by jaimelichi on Oct 17, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by jaimelichi

Good day,


Could anyone please provide son guidance on why this underground section collapsed?

This is one of the connections from the 8” loop to a riser system which services a sprinkler branch.  The pumps consist of two 2,000 gpm @ 130 psi.  Previous hydro tests where successfully completed to the entire loop, there are 11 sprinkler systems connected to the loop.

This massive leak triggered the 2 diesel pumps, which worked unnoticed for 13 straight hours emptying the 600 m3 water tank causing the pumps to work without cooling water for almost 4 hours, one of the SPP pumps suffered major damages it needs to be totally replaced.

Now our major task, besides all repairs (these pumps had its (satisfactory) acceptance and flow tests the day before) is to investigate the pump’s failure causes and do whatever is required to avoid recurrences and any failures to the remaining 10 risers’ connections.

Please, your input will be greatly appreciated, best regards, Jaime Lichi