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Feed Through Terminal Blocks Maximum Current Rating

Question asked by srivastavapankaj1405 on Oct 26, 2018

Hello All,




My question is regarding the current ratings defined on feed through terminal blocks. In one of our ongoing projects we are using the Terminal blocks for power distribution. The terminal block we are using has current ratings defined on it as below


1. As per UL 1059 Standard - Rated Current 65A and Rated Voltage 600V.

2. As per CSA C.22.2 No:158 Standard - Rated Current 65A and Rated Voltage 600V.

3. DIN EN60947-7-1 Standard (VDE Approval) - Rated Current 57A and Rated Voltage 800V.


Now i am confused which current rating to follow as in our case the current is as high as 50A for long duration. I am not sure why same Equipment is rated for two different currents. Does it mean we can use the same terminal for a case where current is 62A?


Thanks for your responses in advance.