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Fire-rated locking closet doors?

Question asked by jeff.hoyt.ifdia on Oct 26, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2018 by jeff.hoyt.ifdia

Hi all, thanks for the help you've given already!


I inspected some doors that are obviously non-compliant, because they have no latch, only a deadbolt, and no closer. They are 1 hour rated. However, they are doors to mechanical rooms in a high-rise office building, and stay closed and locked unless someone is working in there.


This door is in a stairwell, in a 95 year old office building. All 8 floors have the same setup.


Have any of you dealt with this situation? These doors are very old, and have been in place for many years, without complaint from the AHJ up to this point, that I am aware of. I am wondering what to recommend, if we are hired to perform corrective actions to the doors.


Thanks again,