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Highrise office building - requirement for smoke extraction system

Question asked by osulaberidze on Oct 27, 2018
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smoke extract design


I want to share with a question which we are facing right now while designing a high rise office building in Georgia (the country in Europe). For your information from 2017 Georgia has adopted IBC 2012 as part of local building official requirement (I can say that we are making the first steps in this direction).


The building is 21 story office (B occupancy), there are 4 main staircases with air pressurization system, 2 fire lifts with fire service access lobby, 6 passenger elevators all under air pressurization system (plan is attached, please share if any questions or comments). Exit travel and common travel paths as per IBC requirements.


Main question that we have together with the owner and the project manager is whether it is required to provide smoke extraction from the office and main circulation areas; what regulations are suggested to look through additionally?

Any other recommendation how to approach the high rise buildings will be very helpful for us.


thanks in advance and looking forward to hearing from you, 



P.S. as we found the topics discussed in the forums very helpful I imagine having many more questions in the future.