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Emergency lighting fixtures with conversion kit

Question asked by trammf on Oct 30, 2018

Dear sir/Madam,

Subject: Emergency lighting fixtures

I have a Question for NFPA to clarify : 
1. Are all lighting fixtures (luminaries) used for emergency lighting required to be listed?
2. Does that include fixtures that are part of the normal illumination fixtures but will serve as emergency lighting (Convertibles luminaries with listed conversion kit ) during loss of power? That means those few fixtures could be powered by a battery, central battery systems, emergency
generator, .
3. Even though NFPA 101 and 5000 are silent on a listing requirement for the fixtures mentioned in question 2., would NFPA 70:646.16 apply requiring the fixtures to be listed as part of the system?
I have designers that say any fixture (nonlisted) can be used so long as a secondary power supply is provided or they use a listed conversion kit with a battery.
I find NFPA 101 and 5000 do not require or mention that emergency lighting (fixtures or luminaires) are to be listed. 
Only unit equipment is required to be listed and unit equipment is defined in 2014NFPA 70:517.2
and 70:700.12(F).
NFPA 70:646.16 Emergency Lighting. Areas that are used for exit access and exit discharge shall be provided with emergency lighting. Emergency lighting systems shall be listed and labeled equipment installed in accordance with the
manufacturer’s instructions.

Thank you,

Thoubeek Rameez