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NEC Article 625.17 - Electric Vehicle Charging cables

Question asked by davidgoodell on Nov 5, 2018

I live in Seattle.  My house does not have a driveway.  I would like to install a Level 2 charger for an electric car next to my house and run the charging cable under the sidewalk to the parking strip.  I am meeting with the city to ask them to consider changing their  Electric Vehicle Charging in the Public Right of Way (EVCROW) permit program to allow this.  The first concern is safety.


Cripple Creek ( a Level 2 Charger manufacturer in CA) says the NEC prohibits Level 2 Charges from having a charger to car cable longer than 25 feet - not long enough for my purposes. (Article 625.17 - Cords and Cables)


Since Cripple Creek's chargers immediately shut down when the car is unplugged, it would seem much safer to run the charger to car cable under the sidewalk than to run a 240 v line under the sidewalk into a charger on the parking strip.  The charger to car cable would only be live when it is plugged in and charging, whereas a 240v line would always be live.  If someone backed their car into it, they better look out.


My question is why the 25 foot restriction?  Why not 50 feet, for example?  Is there a safety concern, or a concern re: the charger's efficiency?  Perhaps another reason I have not thought of?