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Does the vortex plate and inside ladder have to be painted per NFPA 22

Question asked by johnmitchellturner on Nov 7, 2018

I have a question in regards to NFPA 22 2013. States the the interior of a welded steel suction tank is to be painted. That seems pretty clear to me about the tank walls but, does this mean to include the vortex plate? Can a Galvanized Vortex Plate that is not painted/coated be installed inside of a welded steel suction tank that is painted/coated?


NFPA 22 2013 5.7.9 Painting. All interior surfaces of steel tanks that are exposed to
water immersion or the vapor phase zone above the high water
level shall be cleaned by near-white blasting in accordance
with SSPC SP 10 and shall be primed in accordance with the
requirements for “Inside Paint System No. 1” in AWWA D102.


NFPA 20 states that if there is corrosive water and it is submerged then it is recommended that it be painted but required to be either Galvanized or painted.


NFPA 20 2013 4.13 Pipe and Fittings.
4.13.1* Steel Pipe. Steel pipe shall be used aboveground except for connection
to underground suction and underground discharge
piping. Where corrosive water conditions exist, steel suction
pipe shall be galvanized or painted on the inside prior to installation
with a paint recommended for submerged surfaces.


Background for the question.

The company I work for is installing a new Fire Water Tank for a construction project. I live in Texas where the 2013 standards of the two referenced codes is adopted. They have installed a welded steel tank that is painted/coated to applicable standards. The ladder which is stainless steel and vortex plate which is galvanized were installed after and are not painted/coated. The question back and forth is does it need to be painted per or is it allowed to be galvanized.