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NFPA 409 - Deluge Foam-Water & Draft Curtains

Question asked by juancarlos.delrio on Nov 15, 2018

I need to protect a Group I Hangar (NFPA 409). My scheme protection below ceiling is a Deluge Foam-Water System (Open Sprinker K5.6 and activaion with pneumatic parallel pipe closed sprinkler).


My doubt is: It´s neccesary in this case, the installlation of Draft Curtains (7500 ft2) ?...


I have three possible open áreas in case of fire (aprox 15000ft2 x 3 = 45000 ft2).


Make sense limit área to improve detection at 7500 ft2, if i already 45000 ft2 of discharge área (foam-water)?


In the NFPA 409, there´s no exception about this... and only say: 5.17.1 Draft curtain shall be required in Group I Hangar.


What is your opinión, your experience?