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Fire Alarm System in Barns (stable horses)

Question asked by felipe.martinez on Nov 15, 2018

I am working in a project, 2 barns (Stable Horses) Each has a 595 ft. Length x 90 ft. w. The roof is a Tend (Canvas).

Is an open wall (some places canvas) - Has 4 Pull Station in each side. and 4 Strobes in each side. Now according to NFPA 72, and NFPA 101 doesn't have any information about to add a Fire Alarm in a Barn. The only information coming from NFPA 150 (2013 Edition) Fire & Life Safety in animal housing.

Is a curved Roof the maximum height in the middle is around 50 feet and wall (open) 18 ft.

The AHJ want to protect with some heat detectors. Now what is better using Rate Anticipate Heat Detector or Beam Detector. - I told the AHJ is not good to add more strobes, the strobes are made for human and no for animals, The Barns has expensive racing horses. The horse are nervous animal.

Can somebody give me some help, I never work in a barns fire alarms.