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Old House Reno- Code Requirements

Question asked by willflear1 on Nov 15, 2018
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#@Old House Renovation - Code Requirements

In an old house my daughter is purchasing, an electrical contractor is doing work to address her request to replace all knob and tube wiring and to correct two wires landed on one breaker (panel had no remaining breaker spaces).  This work resulted in the two questions below.  Note, the jurisdiction where the work is being done follows the 2008 NEC.   


Q1. When doing these renovations what triggers the NEC 210.12 AFCI Protection requirements to upgrade existing breakers to AFCI: is it replacement of the panel which was done to correct the double tap or installation of new circuits to replace the knob and tube wiring?


Q2. The kitchen, which is 7' wide x 10' long, has two counters facing each other on opposite walls of the 7' width.  The back counter opposite the sink has a 2G box with a receptacle and kitchen light switch supplied by a 15A circuit that also feeds the dining room ceiling fan/light (all formerly knob and tube).  The receptacle, which is located less than 6' from the sink on the opposite wall is not GFCI protected.  Does this installation meet the code?   


I welcome comments on the installation of the four existing receptacle outlets installed in the kitchen in a renovation prior to this sale, not all of which are code compliant:

1. a receptacle with a dedicated 20A feed for the refrigerator located in the wall behind the refrigerator,

2. a receptacle with a dedicated 15A feed for the dishwasher located under the dishwasher,

3. a GFCI receptacle fed by a 15A circuit in a 2G box located in the wall above the counter right of the sink that also feeds the garbage disposal and,

4. a GFCI receptacle fed by a 20A circuit in a 2G box located in the wall behind the free standing gas stove/oven that also feeds the built-in microwave above the stove and a ight in the ceiling.