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Helipad Foam Deluge System Actuation

Question asked by tony.boratynec on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by firerader

We have a free-standing raised Helipad being built adjacent to an existing Hospital.

There is to be an enclosed Bridge/Link that connects the Helipad to the second floor of the hospital to transport patients from the Air Ambulance into the Hospital - (see attached isometric view drawing).


A secondary access to the Helipad is provided by an external stair that allows for secure emergency access by the Fire Department from the ground level.


The Pad is being protected with a Foam Deluge System which has fixed nozzles located around the pad which will discharge and cover the Helipad when one of the Manual Actuation Stations is operated.


Our question is regarding NFPA 418 Section which states that:

Manual actuation stations shall be located at each egress point from the roof top landing pad and at an approved location inside the building from which the rooftop landing pad can be viewed.


We have one Manual Actuation Station located at the top of the external stair and one located just inside the Bridge/Link exterior sliding doors.


Can the Manual Actuation Station, located just inside the bridge's exterior sliding door, cover both the requirement for the location at the egress and the location inside the Building?


Not sure if the fact that our Helipad is its own free-standing structure and not a rooftop landing pad has any bearing on what is required or not?