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Hyperbaric Chamber Questions

Question asked by james.echard on Nov 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2018 by milt.werner

I have a question related to hyperbaric chambers (type 2).  I have a physician's office that has installed a single hyperbaric chamber (type 2) in a wound care setting on the ground floor of his practice.  This current unit is supplied through (4) H cylinders located on a adjacent wall.  There is a natural gas fired fireplace located across the room about 20' from the current chamber and the physician wants to add a second chamber and four additional (H) cylinders to supply the new chamber.   What code sections should I be looking at related to this installation?    It would seem to me that the fireplace installation even if code compliant is not a good practice when the chambers are depressurized.  Thanks for your input.