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NFPA 99 - Shared med gases - Humans/Animals

Question asked by mhart on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by quikag82

New guy here, first post.

Per 2018 NFPA 99 para 1.3 Application:

This Code shall apply to all health care facilities other than home care and veterinary care.


This is the only use of the word "Veterinary" in NFPA 99.  I can find no AHJ type of criteria requiring separation of these two systems.  Spoke to one of our local Third Party Certifiers, and they were also not aware of any rulings disallowing this interconnection.


Did some googling, and about the only references I can find are specific-institution requirements.

MD  Anderson (a nationwide health care provider) does not allow it. 

LSY (a major Architectural firm on the east coast with major Health Care projects) does not allow it.

The VA (Veterans Administration) Plumbing Design Manual does not allow it.


A client we are working with wants to combine these systems to save costs; and I can find no AHJ requirements to disallow their inclination. Note that there Veterinary Service already uses a WAGD system, as do the other Med Vacuum user areas, so that issue is not a concern.


In general, this sounds like a bad idea, regardless that it is not specifically disallowed.  NFPA has not allowed combined Dental/Medical vacuum for years.  This combined Veterinary/Medical vacuum seems similar enough to also be not allowed.  


Comments welcome.