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NFPA 110 2010 and interpretation

Question asked by robin.stacy on Dec 7, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by milt.werner

" The generator set shall be fitted with an integral accessory battery charger, driven by the prime mover and automatic voltage regulator, and capable of charging and maintaining the starting battery unit (and control battery, where used) in a fully charged condition during a running condition"

   So when I read this reference I interpret this as talking about an alternator(integral accessory battery charger driven by the prime mover) being part of say a diesel engine(the prime mover). Battery charger output wiring shall be permanently connected to the primary side of the starter solenoid (positive) and the EPS frame (negative), or other grounding location.

   When I read this reference considering there is no definition in the code for a battery charger which could be a remote battery charger, an alternator, a small on board generator, etc; I assume this is talking about an actual remote battery charger.


My question is am I correct in assuming that according to a battery charger such as a trickle charger used to maintain a battery when the gen set is not in a running condition must be connected directly to the starter and not to the batteries.


I had an inspector cite one of my sister facilities because their trickle chargers were hooked directly to the batteries.


Thanks for your responses


Robin Stacy