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Quick response sprinkler in retail area - mall

Question asked by sourabhchowdhuri on Dec 11, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by cwebber

All Retail Shops are recommended to be provided with Quick Response Sprinklers. Fire Size used in the calculations is 2.5 MW considering Quick Response Sprinklers in compliance with BS 7346 Part 4 Table 3.


table - 3


NFPA – 13, where listed quick-response sprinklers, including extended coverage quick-response sprinklers, are used throughout a system or portion of a system having the same hydraulic design basis, the system area of operation shall be permitted to be reduced without revising the density.


Considering 2.5 MW heat release rate for shops with fast / quick response sprinklers, where standard response sprinkler is 5 MW. Heat release rate is quite less if quick response sprinklers are used in retail shops than standard response sprinkler.


Is there any other fire code, which says to have quick response sprinkler; to be used in retail shops!