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Innerduct and fiber cable ratings per NFPA 130

Question asked by sasire on Dec 10, 2018

NFPA 130 Section 12.2.1-2 requires installation of fire-resistant low smoke cables for enclosed stations and trainways


Further, in Section 12.5.3, NFPA 130 defines how fire resistivity rating should be defined - in order to be called fire-resistant (to meet NFPA requirements), cables and raceways must be tested together; however it doesn't seem this section applies to fiber optic cabling.  NFPA 130-2017 does not seem to cover innerduct for use with fiber optic cables.  Thus for innerduct, I think the requirements listed within the NFPA 70, 770.110(A)(3) should apply which means fiber cable innerduct can only be listed plenum, listed riser or listed general purpose within buildings or air restricted areas.


This means for enclosed stations and trainways we have a mismatch of ratings for fiber cable (LSZH type) and innerduct (plenum/riser/gen purpose).  


Am I interpreting this correctly?  Did I miss something?