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Turnstile Egress

Question asked by moehring on Dec 10, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by sostiguy


turnstiles are less than 48" high in a multi-floor office building.

Card reader on the unsecured side of the turnstile coming in.

No reader on the outbound side of the turnstile, will open up upon presence of a person for an adjustable time.


If this turnstile is in the path of egress, do we need to have the turnstile open for 30sec each time a person exits it during normal operation (non-fire alarm)?  I equate this setup to be similar to an electric strike door where there is no requirement for open time rather than a magnetic lock door where there needs to be a button and a 30 second timer that keeps the locks disengaged for the timer duration but correct me if I am wrong.


What I am finding is that most of the turnstiles I am working with have up to 20 second timers built in to keep the turnstiles open for their “exit mode”.  They do however reset the timer should a second person approach the sensor before the original time is up.  I want to know if per code, I should be installing an exit button with a 30 second timer for the above setup?

I will agree that the button will put any questions to bed from the AHJ but I am also running into some push back from clients based on aesthetics and if it doesn’t need to be there by code they do not want it.