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temporary fire protection in parking area - mall

Question asked by sourabhchowdhuri on Dec 17, 2018



we need to have a temporary fire protection in underground parking arena (08 nos. of basement) for a time travel of 15 days, as the building (shopping mall) is under construction.


Current condition of building (parking area) are as follows.


1. Exit staircases are not constructed (Ramps are accessible).

2. Sprinkler system is under installation, not connected with risers.

3. Fire water tank is not ready and fire pumps are not installed.

4. Fire stand pipe is not installed.

5. Fire department connection to be given (minimum & mandatory requirement for 15 days).

6. NFPA - 241, chapter 4, 7 & 8 says to have temporary safety protections, which will not be traced for 15 days.

7. The local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) shall be permitted to accept partial temporary requirements for 15 days.


In view of above, would appreciate to grab any other fire code(s), to have a temporary fire protection in parking area

(for 15 days).