Wire Color for Remain Energized 24VDC Conductors.

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NFPA79 specifies: The use of other colors for the following applications

shall be as follows:

(1) WHITE with BLUE stripe for grounded (current-carrying)

dc circuit conductor

(2) WHITE with ORANGE stripe for grounded (currentcarrying)

ac circuit conductor, which remains energized

when the main supply circuit disconnecting means is in

the off position

(3) Whichever color stripe is selected, that color stripe shall

be consistent with the ungrounded conductor of the

excepted circuit described in 5.3.5.


If we have 24VDC circuit (with grounded common) remain energized, should we use blue and white-blue wires?

Or this need to be orange with white-blue?


The main question: is using orange wire for remain energized circuits applicable for 24VDC circuits?