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Building Requirements for Automatic Sprinkler System

Question asked by justinseal88 on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2018 by lsteffens57


I am in the process of new construction for a commercial building. Building will be approximately 10,000 sqft with multi-purposes: (1) being a 7,000 sqft hard surface soccer court (2) being a small eatery primarily for to-go orders or "curbside".


Approximately seating in eatery of 18 people. Size of eatery is 1,000 sqft.


Spectator area is 2,300 sqft.


Remaining area in building is restrooms and office.


Special note: The "gymnasium" area or court will have a 36" high netted barrier with multiple gates to allow players and officials on and off the court. This is to control who is allowed on the field of play for multiple reasons. The field itself will have cage netting to protect players on the sideline as well as spectators from unexpected projectiles. 


This facility is located outside of the city limits, but it has been commented (if inside the city limits) that the spectator area and eatery area should be sprinkled but the gymnasium areas does not due to the control measures of individuals. (Max. 14 players and 1 official is to be on the court area). 


Question: Based on the best description I can give up front, does the facility require automatic sprinklers being outside the city limits?