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How far should I place a smoke detector or a heat detector from a beam or sidewall? This is regarding dead air space.

Question asked by shamilbb12 on Jan 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by chiefns830

I was going through NFPA 72, 2016 Edition. In code A, they showed the proper mounting placement of heat detectors with the following figure.



Can I use the above image for smoke detectors as well? This is because in NFPA 72-2016 Edition, the proper placement for smoke detectors is shown below as: 


It is also said in A17., sidewall detectors mounted closer to the ceiling will respond faster. 


In NFPA 72, 2006 Edition, they infer that no detector should be placed in the dead air space. This has created a confusion about detector in dead air space. Kindly advise me. Thanks.