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NEC 2011 Edition

Question asked by jimrostek on Jan 5, 2019
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New construction that falls under the 2011 edition. I recently had an HVAC company do some repair work on our two systems. We have a split system one for the 2nd floor and one for the third floor.


My question is. The HVAC contractor I hired. Has reported to me that both outside units have the wrong size breakers for the MOCP. One is undersized. This unit requires a 35amp breaker, it has a 30amp breaker. The other outside unit is supposed to have a 40amp breaker, but it has a 50amp breaker. As well as there is no outside unit disconnects within eye site for either unit. (I did locate this section in the code 440.14). 


Each outside unit is on its own individual circuit.


I am trying to find out two things in regard to breaker sizing; is what I have acceptable to code; and where specifically in the NEC can I locate this information.


I have tried to get an answer from the local building official who did the inspections for this home. I am getting the run around/tap dance from him.