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Sprinklers for mixed storage of flammables and non-combustibles

Question asked by kobireich1 on Jan 10, 2019
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.I have a question regarding sprinklers mixed storage of flammables and non-combustibles at industrial occupancy

 The warehouse dimensions are approximately  20 meters square

One wall is used for storage of Organic peroxides (10 Tons) and the opposite one is mainly used for storage of Styrene

resin and Cyclohexanol (20 Tons).The drainage is separate

 Sprinkler system based on water is installed. Outside of the warehouse we have one IBC (1000L) with alcohol resistant foam .

I assume that this kind of storage does'nt meet the regulatory requirements in United state.

.I'm interested to know which part of NFPA 13 deals with this situation.

The warehouse is considered 1 control area and the quantities exceeds MAQ's

Thanks in advance