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IEC engines for fire pump???

Question asked by artur.riabtsun on Jan 10, 2019

Hey guys, I have a question about approvals for electric engines for fire pump instalation acc. NFPA-20. 

I found statements that sounds as following : 

All motors shall comply with NEMA MG-1, Motors and Generators, and shall be marked as complying with NEMA Design B standards for three-phase motors or NEMA Design N or L standards for single-phase motors, and shall be specifically listed for fire pump service. 


International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) motors, where used, shall be listed for fire service.


As for me these two statments intersect...cause we have IEC engines for fire pump, but there no mark that is complying with NEMA.

Can we apply IEC engines without NEMA marks for instalation acc. NFPA?


Please help me with this issue!