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Fire Protection of Compressor

Question asked by ajay.kharva on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by ajay.kharva

Dear All,

I need suggestion for deciding fire protection measurement of compressor.  This compressor is handling hydrocarbon services and lube oil content is 4 tonnes. This compressor is located inside shelter. I have considered fire monitors around shelter for protection of compressor in case of fire situation. But due to noise limitation  requirement, this compressor is located inside noise hood. The design of noise hood is not designed for man movement inside noise hood. Means there is small area between compressor and noise hood inner wall. Now, because of noise hood, I believe that fire monitors really not used if there is fire in compressor (inside noise food). We can't do jet / spray water on compressor because of obstruction of noise hood. I believe that there should be fire protection measurement inside noise hood for protection of compressor. e.g CO2 extinguishing system.

Can anyone provide any reference from NFPA about above mentioned situation ?