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Is there more fudge room on NFPA 101, 7.1.5, Headroom?

Question asked by rtate on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2019 by milt.werner

I have a client that purchased an old nursing home and is refurbishing and it must meet the Chapter 18 requirements of the NFPA 101. This is a very difficult task, but he is moving along. Newest problem is that all the doors are 6'-8" and he has magnetic locks on many of the doors to control staff and residents. The locks will protrude down below the 6'-8" clearance requirement, but so do closers. The inspector said the magnetic locks do not meet the requirements and must be removed. Is there a solution besides tearing out dozens of doors and re-framing them to 7' or finding a replacement to the mag locks?