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Employer responsibility

Question asked by bigwill400 on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by bill.hendon

  I am also looking for clarification on the employer/employee responsibility of NFPA 70E.  I have been an industrial electrician for about 14 years at a manufacturing facility.  The facility has about 29 electricians plus a handful of people that would be considered electrically qualified in their trade, ie. HVAC technician or machinery repair techs.  They are spread out across three shifts and divided in to smaller work groups. 

I have recently been told I was appointed to be the facilities electrical guideline owner .  Meaning I would be the point of contact for all electrical safety question, I would review the guideline and make changes as would be necessary.  I would also be in charge of coming up and implementing a job risk assessment document to stay compliant with NFPA70E and OSHA,  providing a program for inspection of tools FR clothing and PPE. 

  To me taking on this responsibility seems a little much, I am no expert in the NFPA70E and I am an electrician in the facility and would basically be implementing programs that would “police” myself while doing electrical work.  The Safety department has stated that they do not have anyone in their department that understand electrical and that is why I was appointed, because I am a team lead for my work group of electricians.  I was wondering if I was wrong in my thinking and hesitation to take on this responsibility.  I feel although it is my responsibility to work safely every day, it is the responsibility of my employer to implement the programs they feel necessary to stay compliant with NFPA, OSHA and state regulations.