Looking for some input on newer appliances like air-fryers...

Discussion created by villageofwarwickny on Jan 17, 2019

Looking for some input on newer appliances like air-fryers and convection cooking ovens in a commercial setting without a Type 1 hood.
Proprietor creating beer & wine establishment and NYSLA requires a minimum menu to include certain types of edibles on premises. Owners asked about a number of appliances to possibly be used without installing a Type 1 hood.
I explained the menu items strongly dictate what appliances they will likely use and clearly any open flame or glowing elements are immediately eliminated.
Appliances asked about were air-fryers, induction cooking tops, crockpot, pannini press, counter-top convection oven,
and lastly (if allowed before going full Type 1 mounted system)a self-contained ventless Type 1 cooking hood unit with built-in fire suppression system.
I see frequently see pizza ovens without Type 1 hoods but they are in a grey area not really using them in a manner requiring them.
The smoke & grease vapors emitted while cooking is clearly the criteria but just wondering how others feel about use of these certain appliances.

If this was addressed prior, please post a link.