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Question asked by davidvartanoff on Jan 19, 2019
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Wondering if anyone else has had this experience?  Called to replace a 'halogen' light fixture in a residence.  I had installed the fixture during a major rewire of the home 20+ years back so the supply wire was NM-B w/90 degree C conductors.  When I took down the old light, there were bits of perhaps charred plastic, no visible wire nuts and the individual conductor insulation seemed damaged.    I re-insulated the conductors w/ 33+ tape flagging the neutral w/ white to identify it. and put up the new fixture marked 60W incandescent maximum with LED medium base bulbs marked as 60W equivalent as  an energy saving measure.   I was appalled to see the damage I describe and am curious if anyone else has had similar experiences.  I have an appointment with the client to inspect a number of other lights in the house as a precaution.