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NFPA 25 4.1.9: "Information Signs" Where in NFPA 13?

Question asked by dwelch on Jan 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2019 by charles.vento

NFPA 25, 2014 edition Hand Book: A permanently marked metal or rigid plastic information sign shall be placed at the system control riser supplying an antifreeze loop, dry system, preaction system, or auxiliary system control valve.

The commentary to this says in part: "...This information is critical to the assessment of a building while
conducting certain ITM tasks, as evidenced by NFPA 13 requiring it in the last three editions of
the standard...."

I have used the handy search function in my Bluebeam Revu pdf software and no where in any of the later editions of 13 can I find a reference to "Information Signs".