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Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power Generation Plant

Question asked by blan_lli on Jan 22, 2019
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So I am working on a project and trying to determine what occupancy we should use. The building is a CCHP plant for a hospital. Which means we take natural gas and burn it in a generator and create power that is used for cooling and power for the building. We also take the heat from the generator and make hot water that is used for producing hot water and heating for the structure.


The real question is that the generators also have back up fuel encase the natural gas isnt available. This is in the use of 8,000 gallons of underground storage as well as approximately 750 gallons in a in building day tank. 


As this structure is a stand alone building I don't believe there is any requirement for fire separation as the day tanks are in the mechanical room of the building. 


In summary, do I need a 2 hr separation for the generators and the fuel from the rest of the building? Also the reviewer is trying to say the fuel makes the building an H-2 occupancy rather than just strictly U.


I have spoken to other code officials and they believe as long as the tank and fuel lines are UL listed and the building is sprinklered throughout U occupancy and no separation should be acceptable.