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NFPA 11 2016 question about minimum discharge time

Question asked by uis48 on Jan 25, 2019
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I studied the standard NFPA 11 2016 and I have question. In the tables the minimal time of foam application and minimal consumption of foam per minute is mentioned.

Example attached.

I’ve created fixed foam system, which is able to apply 260 000 liters of foam into the oil tankwithin one minute


This amount of foam will be more than sufficient to extinguish a tank with a diameter of 42 meters and with the area of 1 200 square meters. If to re-calculate this amount according to the table, with consumption of 4 liters per second this amount of foam will be applied for the area of 1 200 square meters within 55 minutes.

I have a question – may the system which applies 260 000 liters per minute correspond to the mentioned in NFPA 11 standards?

As you know for sure, the excessive amount of foam will cause harm to the environment and it is a huge problem. That’s why I have an opinion that there is no sense in excessive foam amount usage just in order to correspond to the modern standards.