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NFPA 99 2012 edition 12.3 question

Question asked by stevehanson on Jan 30, 2019
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Good morning folks.


Question on the Table 12.3 Application Matrix





Those inpatient facilities that remain operable to provide advanced life support services to injured responders and disaster victims.  These facilities manage the existing inpatient load as well as plan for the influx of additional patients as a result of an emergency.


Those inpatient or outpatient facilities that augment the critical mission.  These facilities manage the existing inpatient or outpatient loads but do not plan to receive additional patients as a result of an emergency.


My question is on definition of  "advanced life support services" Category 1.

My facility does not have life support, an operating room, nor in-wall med gas (all which makes annual survey a little less unpleasant!)  In an event of a disaster and mass casualty triage, we could accept some yellow tags but red tags would be out of our realistic capabilities.  What would the surveyors consider us based on this matrix?  While we could have an influx of addition patients as a result of an emergency, I wouldn't say we could provide "advanced life support services."  


Based on this matrix things drill down to additional requirements for drills and readiness.  (ie,, as well modifying current EOP.)


Thank you!