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Best practices / legislation for design of industrial fire fighting facility

Question asked by danfire on Jan 31, 2019

I am currently in the process of designing an industrial fire fighting facility. I am looking for best practices / codes / legislation that can be used to design such a facilities and let the burns happen in a safe and controlled way.


The facility would comprise of a steel structure with several floors and controlled gas burners at multiple points. We are exploring the possibility to also add a pool fire. There is also storage of drums, IBC's, piping,... And all require controlled gas/pool fires.


I am looking on technical references or documentation that can help me describe and design these controlled burns. These burns will be remotely monitored and controlled.


To give you an idea of what sort of facility we are talking about, here are some youtube videos:

Demonstratie bij Falck Risc Rotterdam - YouTube 

Texas A&M Industrial Fire School - Chemical Pump Row Burn - YouTube 


Any input or discussion is very much appreciated!