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NFPA 303 30amp to 15amp adapters

Question asked by david.lopes on Feb 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by chiefns830

I work at a marina and I've heard conflicting accounts on the allowance of 30amp to 15amp shore power cord adapters. People use these to run 15amp 120v extension cords for various utilities and or appliances. I understand that using these adapters to power a boat is prohibited but I'm unclear whether it is illegal to use the adapters if someone is using the extension cord to power say a trickle charger or an exhaust fan.


I've been told as long as the person has a marine grade 30amp cord going onto their boat, they can then run the 30 to 15 adapter on the boat. I've also been told the 30 to 15 is prohibited unless being used under supervision and for appliances such as an electric buffer.


I haven't found anything thought in the NFPA 303 that states any of this. Can anyone with familiarity with the NFPA 303 shed some light on this for me?


Thank you.