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Air Handler Disconnect, Residential?

Question asked by on Feb 5, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by chiefns830

Hello:  Residential Application, New Build Home in 2017.  I am asking about the intent of Article 440,  Section 440.14 within the NEC.  This requirement basically provides for a disconnect "...within sight from and readily accessible from the air conditioning or refrigerating equpiment" .  This would normally apply to the condenser as well as the air handler.  In the case where the air handler is inside the house (roughly in the center), and the main breaker panel is in the garage (clearly not within sight of the air handler), is it acceptable that a breaker lockout device (bar) be attached to the main panel AC breaker that feeds the air handler, and serve as an exception, i.e. the safety mechanism? (House was built without a disconnect at the air handler).  There is an exception stated as Exception 1, BUT this appears to be for an industrial environment only.  For a residential application, I do not believe this is a relevant exception. In this situation, would not a disconnect be required at the air handler?