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Hyperbaric facility , NFPA 8.7.5

Question asked by jamie on Feb 11, 2019
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8.7.5 Hyperbaric Facilities.  All occupancies containing hyperbaric facilities shall comply with NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code, Chapter 20, unless otherwise modified by other provisions of this Code.


In this reference, are they saying that Chapter 20 is part of NFPA 99, or are they referencing Chapter 20 of 101, New and Existing Ambulatory Health Care Occupancies?


To my knowledge, there is no chapter 20 in NFPA 99, but grammatically, this is what would be referenced.


The following reference:

A.8.7.5  While the scope of NFPA 99, Health Care Facilities Code, is limited to health care occupancies, it is the intent that this requirement be applied to hyperbaric facilities used in all occupancies.


This does not reference chapter 20 of 101.