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Radioisotope Manifold Exhaust

Question asked by mpe.fady on Feb 11, 2019


I am designing the ventilation system for a college of medicine and there are many laboratories, two of them are Radioisotope labs.

I am providing an exhaust system for each lab, consisting of two induced draft dilution fans (1 working + 1 stand-by).

Each exhaust system is serving 4 hoods inside one laboratory via a manifold, and provided with a carbon filter.

The radioisotope exhaust system is not connected to any other exhaust system (Fume or General).


The lab planner claims that it is mandatory to provide a separate exhaust system for each hood, with 1 fan only (no stand-by).

 My questions are as follows:

Q1. Is it prohibited to manifold radioisotope hoods together?

Q2. Isn't providing a separate system for each hood (1 working + 0 stand-by fans) very risky (from hazard point of view, for the fan failure scenario)?