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Can ESFR Sprinklers be separated from Standard-Response Sprinklers with just a baffle?

Question asked by mshelton on Feb 11, 2019
  1.       Two questions.
  2.      How may I separate ESFR sprinklers from Standard-Response Sprinklers that are fed by the same system riser? We are considering installing standard-response sprinklers around the pereimeter of the area due to space constraints.  Baffles or Draft Curtain

Reading NFPA 13, 2013 edition (Where ESFR sprinkler systems are installed adjacent to sprinkler systems with standard-response sprinklers, a draft curtain of non-combustible construction and at least 2 ft. in depth shall be required to separate the two areas.)

Or may I use a non-continuous baffle to separate an ESFR sprinkler from a Standard-Response Sprinkler because they are fed from the same system riser?

3.    I have ave a 33 inch deep I-Beam that separates two branch lines supplying ESFR sprinklers. This I-Beam satisfies the requirements of if sealed with a non-combustible spray foam between the roof deck and top of I-Beam. The branch lines are less than 8 ft. on center.  To satisfy the requirements of (Sprinklers shall be spaced not less than 8ft. on center) may I shift the heads so that they measure at least 8 ft. on center (a diagonal dimension). 

  1.       Thank You!