Fire Exit door and additional signage

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Good day, I conducting an inspection of a skill nursing facility with no Alzheimer or psych residents, just regular seniors with various mental challenges associated with aging.  The fire exit door had "exit" posted over the door.  However, the staff put a strip of material, at eye level, across the door and added a large triangular sign that read "STOP".   The staff explained that the "STOP" sign is to deter the residents from exiting but the staff goes in and out of this door all the time.  I had another facility with the similar situation and I asked a staff how would he exit if there was an emergency.  He looked directly at the door with the large STOP sign across the door and indicated he would go in the opposite direction to evacuate the building.


NFPA 101, 2012 Edition, Exits, other than main exterior exit doors that obviously and clearly are identifiable as exits, shall be marked by an approved sign that is readily visible from any direction of exit access. Exit Access* Visibility. Every sign required in Section 7.10 shall be located and of such size, distinctive color, and design that it is readily visible and shall provide contrast with decorations, interior finish, or other signs. No decorations, furnishings, or equipment that impairs visibility of a sign shall be permitted. No brightly illuminated sign (for other than exit purposes), display, or object in or near the line of vision of the required exit sign that could detract attention from the exit sign shall be permitted


The state representative for CMS did not agree with the deficiency.  I spoke to a NFPA representative and he agreed with me that no sign or display shall be posted that may detract from the exit.


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