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Please help define ACTUAL location

Question asked by sbirdkc on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by milt.werner

NFPA 72 7.5.5. Record Drawings state Record drawings shall consist of current updated and
shop drawings reflecting the actual installation of all system equipment, components, and wiring.

The question is can someone help clarify what is meant by "actual". I understand wiring and terminations, actual locations of devices, etc. What about elevations and mounting requirements. Is the intent of this code that elevation drawings showing an enclosure mounted on a wall depict the exact location of conduits as they exit from a mounting detail? Is that literal level of detail the intent?


Additionally,  for a junction box mounted in the ceiling, is the intent to depict the actual location, or does the location on the drawings need to show the exact box location?


I'm just trying to understand the meaning of "actual" without a further definition in the code.


Thank You