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ESFR and Steel Joists Obstructions

Question asked by dcorns on Feb 15, 2019

I didn't see any changes to NFPA13-2019 in regards to the testing done by Palenske and Fletcher on steel joist bridging obstructions.  Palenske and Fletcher concluded "K17 ESFR sprinklers obstructed by a 1.5-inch x 1.5-inch bridging member located 12 inches directly below the sprinkler produced acceptable results. In conjunction with the results of Phase 2, it can be said that bar joists 26-36 inches deep, 6 inches horizontally offset from the sprinkler with a 1.5-inch x 1.5-inch bridging member located directly under the sprinkler will not significantly decrease the performance of the ESFR sprinkler."


If this did not make it to the Code, is there an official statement or white paper that may be addressed when questions regarding steel joist bridging obstructions arise?


Related, were there anymore conclusions from this testing?  A table of acceptable combinations and/or a blanket "catch-all" statement on the subject would be invaluable.