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Electrical Testing of Medical Equipment

Question asked by rrolfe on Feb 15, 2019
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I am seeking clarification on Medical Equipment testing in Skilled Nursing Facilities. We do not admit patients that truly are  using any life support equipment so our category of risk is very low. An oxygen concentrator is the most advanced piece of equipment we use. We do not have true Bio-Medical Technicians although our maintenance personnel have received training on how to test for leakage and  resistance.  We use the Rigel Safe Test 50 to test for leakage and Resistance.I only permit in-house staff to test beds and bed pumps and hire an outside provider to test, calibrate, repair all other "medical equipment".  I consider a basic electric bed frame and bed pump to be low-voltage and the risk of harm or death is low. I  have done this simply because of liability but I may be overthinking this.


My question is: Would NFPA experts recommend allowing maintenance personnel to test for basic electrical, leakage and resistance.  I am being asked to do this to save a ton of money and I feel most of my staff could do this, but wanted some expert opinions.


Thank you in advance 


Ruth Rolfe


West Virginia