HOA hand switch leg direct to motor starter

Discussion created by jfosterjrod58 on Feb 19, 2019
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   There has been some debate among my coworkers lately about the "Hand" switch leg of a rotary HOA selector switch going directly to the coil of a motor starter. I have been making the case that this is essentially illegal; with only a few, very specific instances that it is allowed. I must admit that, for years, I have done it that way hundreds of times. I know that most electricians do this as well. But since becoming a control systems technician III it has become apparent to me that this is largely not legal. 

    My reasoning is based on several codes scattered through out the NFPA 79: function definitions, as well as functions that are not permitted to initiate a start of the machinery, etc In addition, the NEC has 1 informational note that is the only single reference to any controls function that supports my argument. It is the note that addresses the resetting of the O-load (yes, I know it allows it for auto-reset if no hazards would be introduced by it). 

   In my experience too, a facility electrician, especially an outside contractor, would have no expectation of starting a machine when trouble shooting by resetting the O-load, a CB, E-stop, etc. This could easily cause additional hazards when all personnel are not expecting a start.

   I am looking for other NFPA codes that address the hazards of unexpected start-up. Perhaps NFPA 101 has some guidelines as to operators of machinery and safe start-up procedures? Or federal utility requirements in the event of a power outage and restoration? If there are no hazards from an unexpected start-up, what is required to make that assessment and document?

Thanks in advance for any info...