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Why a max of two sprinklers?

Question asked by bradley.seefeld on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by lswanson

NFPA 13D (2019 ed) 10.2.1 states this: 

For each of the following situations, the number of sprinklers in the design area shall be all of the sprinklers within  a compartment, up to a maximum of two sprinklers, that require the greatest hydraulic demand.

I am having difficulty understanding this clause. I have a room that is approx 1,400 sq ft. There is no way this room can be covered by just two sprinklers. The ceiling is a vaulted ceiling under a rake roof with a pitch of 3/12. Max height is 16' tapering down to 10'. Room width is 24'. We match item (3) of the 10.2.1 clause.


Based on the gpm I can provide to each sprinkler, I am looking at the fact sheets for various manufacturers and am determining that I can space the sprinklers a max of 16' apart, meaning I will need two rows of three for this room (6 total). This seems more reasonable, but I do not understand how to reconcile with NFPA 13D 10.2.1