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ESFR Number of sprinklers in design area

Question asked by gentili.laura on Feb 19, 2019
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Hi, my question is about the number of sprinklers to consider in the design area for storage. NFPA 13, version 2019 refers to chapter ESFR Sprinkler Method. For ESFR sprinklers, the design area shall consist of the most hydraulically demanding area of 12 sprinklers, consisting of 4 sprinklers on each of three branch lines, unless other specific numbers of design sprinklers required in other sections of this standard.


The standard, however, also admits the possibility of considering a number of ESFR sprinklers in the design area more than 12 (see Table excluding those addictional sprinklers to avoid obstructions. .

NFPA 13 Extract

In which cases and in what quantity should I consider a number greater than 12 in the design area?

I can't find the reference in the standard.


Thank you