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ESFR 25.2K application for ceilings between 30' and 32'

Question asked by nfpatroy on Feb 21, 2019
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ESFR 25.2K Sprinkler Protection for Class I thru IV Commodities up to and including 25' Storage for Ceilings that are less than 32' but more than 30'.


Table does not list the ESFR 25.2K Sprinkler for ceiling heights between 30' and 32', only the 14K & 16K are listed. The down side is that if they are to be used for this application most systems would require supplementary water pressure, a fire pump. The ESFR is however listed for ceiling heights between 32' and 35' so we are not sure why they are not listed for ceilings between 30' and 32'?