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Sub panel feeder wire and protection requirements

Question asked by lambert.christ on Feb 23, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by 1dakotakid

When running a feeder wire(s) for a sub panel within the same structure (a wood shop) what type of wire can be used?  To give more detail, the current load center is flush mounted in the wall and my wire will be running up through the wall and the top plate into the attic.  From there it will be ran across the ceiling joists with wood braces on each side to protect the wire(s).  Then it will drop down through the top plate and into the wall space to the flush mounted sub panel.  If I run SE cable for the run, does it need to be in conduit within the wall spaces?  I'm a little confused about the code for this and whether I should run SE, XHHW, or RHW cable.  I'm pretty sure if I choose individual conductors that they do need to be in conduit.  Any help would be much appreciated.