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Life Safety (Restroom Locks)

Question asked by whoward on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by tony.calistro

I work at a public high school in Lockport Illinois. We had our Life Safety inspection and were cited on single use restroom locks. Most of our staff restrooms are single use only. The restroom door handles are in an always locked state. The door is opened using a key in the handset. Once inside, there is deadbolt that is locked (using a thumb turn) to prevent another staff member from walking into an occupied restroom. The deadbolt has a cylinder on the exterior of the door that can be opened using a key. If the restroom is in use and the staff member has used the deadbolt, the person entering the room would need to unlock two locks (the handset and the deadbolt). If the restroom is unoccupied, the door could be opened using the handset lock only.

Life Safety cited us saying that we needed single action handles for restroom egress. I've been told that the single action egress rule only applies to doors used to exit the building or rooms with a high occupancy number. 

Does anyone have any information regarding the correct rule? If so, is there a reference that I could cite?