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Loading bulk containers inside of buildings?

Question asked by matthew.meservy on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by safteng

Good afternoon, 


I've read through NFPA 30 looking for guidance on loading of liquid bulk containers inside of buildings.  NFPA 30 chapter 28.4.1 states that loading facilities for Class I liquids (or Class II or III above flash point) need to be separated from above-ground tanks, warehouses, and other plant buildings by 25 feet . . . but doesn't seem to speak to whether or not the loading facility can be housed within a building.  


With that, I'm looking for information on whether or not NFPA 30 (or other NFPA codes) allow for loading of Class I bulk containers inside of (or partially inside of) warehouse buildings.  Any guidance in this regard would be appreciated.